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NYC Dance Project Exclusive Shoot

My friend and dressing roommate, Daniil Simkin told me about the NYC Dance Project a couple weeks ago. He said "YOU HAVE TO WORK WITH THESE PEOPLE!". Next thing I knew, I was at Deborah Ory and Ken Browar's studio doing a shoot. Check out the photos and Q&A below.

NYCDP Questionnaire:


James Whiteside,  Principal Dancer, American Ballet Theatre

What career would you choose if you could not be a dancer?
JW: I’d be a musician or another form or creator. However, when I was in school, I was obsessed with astronauts and dinosaurs. Go figure.
What are your worst fears (professionally or personally)?
JW: My worst fear is losing the people I love.
Which person (dead or alive) would you most want to dance with if you could?
JW: Janet Jackson, circa 1989
If a child told you they wanted to be a dancer, what would your advice be?
JW: Go for it! Go for everything!
If you could be an animal, what animal would your choose and why?
JW: I’d like to be an eagle. They are beautiful and the idea of being able to fly is incredible.
What is your greatest indulgence?
JW: My whole life! What a fairy tale!
What 3 items do you always have in your bag with you?
JW: My kindle (I love to read), my iPhone (music is my passion), and deodorant (boys are smelly).
What career would your family have chosen for you?
JW: Circus clown. Ha, I don’t know. I never gave them a chance to try to persuade me.
What is your idea of perfect happiness?
JW: A house on the ocean with lots of coffee and all my friends.
Who would you most like to have a coffee with (could be dead or alive)?
JW: Roger the alien from American Dad. I feel like we would be the best of friends.
What is your favorite city to tour to and why?
JW: Tokyo. The food and culture suit me just fine!
What was your biggest mishap in a performance?
JW: Years ago, I did Lysander in Balanchine’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and my sword got caught in the front cloth in the lovers scene. I had to stand there for a full minute untangling it. Hilarious!
Is there a special meal you have before performances?
JW: No, I don’t really care what I have before a show. I’ll eat anything!

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