James Whiteside


JbDubs, born James Whiteside, is a pop/dance artist as well as a Principal Dancer with American Ballet Theatre in NYC. He writes/produces his music and choreographs his performances and music videos. JbDubs’ original music video for his song “I Hate My Job” has been featured on high profile websites and blogs such as: Perez Hilton, The Huffington Post, After Elton, and Instinct Magazine as well as in various print magazines around the world (Shangay Spain, Up2U Thailand, MTV3 Finland, and many more). His work has been featured on the Here!tv network shows “BOOMBOX” and “She’s Living For This” which are broadcast to all major cable network providers.

JbDubs released his debut album, “Free To Love”, independently in 2011, his sophomore album, "OINK" in 2012, and an EP titled "Hey JB!" in 2013. He is a seasoned performer and is known for his upbeat pop numbers and choreography.

He is an openly gay pop singer with artistic experience, musical instinct, and killer dance moves.